What is ValueSlant?

The goal of ValueSlant is simple: to make you a more profitable and more knowledgeable investor. ValueSlant provides you with a consistent stream of high quality, actionable value investing research. It features stock specific ideas and analysis that stand out in their depth and breadth and cut through the noise you will find elsewhere on the web. The best way to raise your investment skill level is to jump into fundamental analysis of specific companies the way the pros do it. ValueSlant gives you access to investment ideas you can put into action plus thought provoking and clear analysis that will expand your investment knowledge base. Whether you are a seasoned investor or just starting out on your value investing journey, ValueSlant has unique content to offer you. Join Valueslant to get free:
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Why another investing blog?

Great question. For all the investment related content out there on the internet, experienced value investors know unbiased, rigorous, and comprehensive research about specific stocks from a value perspective is surprisingly hard to find online. ValueSlant seeks to fill that gap by giving you only the good stuff (deep research on stocks that are significantly undervalued) and none of the irrelevant stuff.

About Me

I’m Elie Rosenberg, a value investor based out of Dallas, Texas.  I created ValueSlant as a venue to share my research with you, learn from your insights, and hopefully have all of us profit along the way. Join now by email to get all that ValueSlant has to offer sent straight to your inbox! Drop me a line here if you have any thoughts you would like to share on the site, stocks, or the markets in general. Please see the disclaimer regarding site content here.