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Value in Momentum -The Case of Coffee Holding Co. (JVA)

One area of investing strategy I find very interesting is the intersection of bottom-up value investing and other approaches to the stock market: global macro, technical analysis etc. There is tension between all of these different frameworks, but I wonder if there are ways they can be combined to yield an approach to investing that is stronger than the sum of the parts. One small, but perhaps compelling example of such an approach is highlighted by the fascinating recent history of Coffee Holding Co. (JVA).

Earnings vs. Cash Flow

This is a guest post by Daniel Sparks of Check out ValueFolio for more great value investing tools and tips. 

It’s earnings season again. Once again we see the headlines rolling out: “Company X misses estimates . . . Company Y obliterates estimates.” Earnings (or income) is Wall Street’s most beloved number. Stocks often move up or down double digits simply because a certain number was reported on earnings day. With all this earnings hype we need to make sure that we are wearing lenses that can help us see past it.

Dex One (DEXO) – Don’t Trust a Marketing Company’s Hype

Dex One (DEXO) is a marketing company that publishes print and online business directories (think Yellow Pages), and in the past two days has offered investors a nice lesson in due diligence.

DEXO is the latest incarnation of RH Donnelley, who rolled up several print directory companies in the early 2000s right before that business fell on its face. The highly levered business declared bankruptcy in 2009 and emerged in 2010 as Dex One, having reduced its debt burden from $9.7 to $3.1 billion.

Shipping and Value Investing: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Can investing in a shipper be justified as a value investment?

The crude, product, and dry bulk segments of the shipping industry remain very depressed, and are among the few sectors to not rebound strongly the past two years.