Free Ebook – Find Undervalued Stocks

The first step to becoming a great value investor is employing a great stock search process. You need to be able to use your investment research time to only look at the most compelling potential investments. My free ebook, 16 Ways to Find Undervalued Stocks, will help you do that.

Why do I need to know the 16 Ways?

The 16 ways will enable you to:
  • Become a radically more efficient stock researcher
  • Uncover the most fertile areas for profitable investments
  • Zero in on the crucial edge you need in every good investment

What You’ll Get in the Ebook

  • 16 successful value investment models employed by the great value investors including Graham, Buffett, and Klarman
  • A concise overview of each mental template explaining why the opportunity exists
  • Key points to focus your research on for each template

How do I get my free ebook?

Just sign up for ValueSlant email updates by providing your email address in the box below. Upon sign up a link to the ebook download will be sent to you immediately!